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How it works

We specialize in building websites for small to mid-sized businesses. If you are looking for a custom designed designed mobile responsive website we can do that for you. All of our websites start out at $149.00 which include up to five website pages (i.e. home page, services, about us, contact us, and etc.). As an example, a website just like ours at Cheap Website Design and Hosting would only cost you $149.00. We begin our process by working with you to get a better understanding of your business, what you would like to include on your website, and how you would like it to look. Then we use that information to design and build your website. Throughout this process we will continue to work with you to make as many revisions as necessary until you are completely satisfied with everything. The time it takes to build a website may vary based on complexity but if you already have a good idea of what you want your website to look like and the content you want to include then we can typically have your website complete within a couple of weeks. We guarantee you will not find a cheaper website designer that delivers our level of quality. Get your free quote today!


We’ll work with you to get a better understanding of how you want your website to look and feel.


Next, we will build your website based on your exact requirements (content, design, pages, and etc.).


We continue to work with you to make any and every change until you are 100% satisfied with your website.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You will never be pressured or expected to pay for a website until you are 100% satisfied. It’s that simple! We take customer satisfaction very seriously and we will do everything we can, including as many revisions as it takes, to build you the perfect website for your blog or business. Contact us to get your free quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a website?

Short Answer: Only a couple of weeks

Long Answer: Although on average it only takes us a couple of weeks to build a website, this can vary based on several factors such as the complexity of the website, your availability, how prepared you are (i.e. do you already know how you want your website to look/feel and know what content you wish to include) and etc. 

Can I make changes after I have paid for my website?

Yes. We do not consider a website complete until you are 100% satisfied with everything. After you have already approved and paid for your website and later realize that something needs to be updated or you need to make some last minute changes then don’t worry. You will be given a 14 day window to make any additional minor changes free of charge. 

How much does a website cost?
Short Answer: ~$149.00 to build the website; ~$12 for you domain name (i.e.; Our hosting and maintenance plans can be found HERE

Long Answer: We only charge $149.00 to build a website which includes up to five pages (i.e. home page, about us, services, contact us, or whatever else you want). This is the price majority of our customers end up paying but some customers require additional pages, features, and fucntionality which increases that price. You will also need to purchase the domain name for your website which can vary based on the suffix (.com .net .org & etc.). We recommend all of our clients to purchase their domain from Google Domains which will cost you $12.00/year for a .com domain.

Are your websites mobile friendly?

Yes all websites we build are responsive and optimized for mobile users. Nearly 60% of all websites are visited from mobile devices so having a mobile friendly website is vital.